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London, again/Australian symposium

Over at BCC I was critical of what I saw as a deaf ear being turned in some quarters of the Church in the UK to the London bombings. It is only fair, howver, that I give credit where credit is due: the Church is donating 20,000 pounds to the Red Cross Relief Fund for victims of the attack. David Baxter, a British Area Seventy has made the following statement:

"Our thoughts have turned to the victims and their families and those who will require long-term treatment and care and seeing if through our humanitarian aid we can alleviate some of their suffering, or at least make a contribution to make life easier for them and their families.

The spirit of the people of Britain is incredibly resolute and strong. The British people are absolutely determined that no terrorist, no bomb, no act of aggression will alter or affect their way of life or the principles they stand for."

On an unrelated manner, I'm always delighted to see Mormon academia stretching beyond the US: a bona-fide Joseph Smith symposium, complete with Davies, Bushman et. al. was recently held in Australia. Fair dinkum! (Now if only the English could figure out how to beat the Aussies at cricket.)

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