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Benbow Pond

On Sunday, March 1, 1840, Elder Wilford Woodruff was holding a meeting in Hanley, Staffordshire, England. During the meeting, Woodruff heard the Spirit tell him that, “This is the last meeting that you will hold with this people for many days.” Persuaded by an English colleague, William Benbow, to preach to his family, Woodruff set off for Herefordshire in the South.

William’s brother John Benbow was a wealthy landowner and invited Woodruff to stay with him. On the evenings of March 5 and 6, the Benbows invited their neighbours to hear the American missionary preach. Within a few days, Woodruff converted 13 people, six of whom were baptised in a pond on the Benbow farm. “Benbow Pond” is now owned by the Church.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (July 24, 2005 12:25 PM) 

United Brethren: International Mormon News and Views 

Hey, I just saw your new slogan. Nice branding idea. It sounds like a useful and interesting niche to fill. 

Posted by Geoff J


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (July 24, 2005 12:28 PM) 

Why, thanks, Geoff. Right now, though, it's "United Brethren: on holiday in England and not really blogging very much." I'll be back on song next month. 

Posted by Ronan


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (August 26, 2005 12:51 PM) 

You forgot the best part of that story. Heber C. felt strongly that that area was sacred.

When he was back in the States he told Joseph Smith about that feeling and JS told him that was because Christs origninal apostles in the Meridian of time had preached in that area, and set it aside for the preaching of the gospel.

I love that part of the story.  

Posted by porter rockwell


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (August 26, 2005 1:43 PM) 

That was actually Chatburn and Downham in Lancashire, not Benbow's Farm.

Posted by Ronan


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