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My "liturgical" calendar

There are three reasons why Mormons don't follow the Christian liturgical calendar (other than celebrating Christmas and Easter Sunday). First, we inherited, I think, the extreme iconoclasm of non-conformist Protestantism. Second, nothing in the revelations given to Joseph Smith instruct us to follow the calendar, and in many ways Mormonism has sought to make a clean break (almost) from what it considers "apostate" tradition. Third, Mormons have the lofty goal of a communion with God that is direct, constant, and not ceremonial. In other words, Mormons would say that they don't need to be reminded by a set-calendar that they should be thinking of Christ. See John Fowles's thoughts on this.

I'm not so good at the third, and find that I do need a lot of specific prompting to focus on spiritual matters. I also happen to enjoy the traditional Christian liturgy (despite being a life-long Latter-day Saint, I went to Anglican schools you see). So I have created the Ronan J. Head Calendar of Annual Religious Tourism 2005.

This is the American version which I will adapt into an English version soon (i.e. swapping July 4 with St. George's Day). Some explanations first:

1. I have incorporated the main religious festivals of Christianity and Judaism.
2. I have chosen what I consider to be the pivotal moments in Mormon history and have made one up (take a look!)
3. In order to teach my children about other religions, I have also selected certain Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic festivals.
4. Because I'm a UN-hugging liberal, I've also added a few days of international observance.
5. I have listed the US holidays I personally find most meaningful (and will swap them with Brit-holidays)

As these "holidays" occur, I will post my ideas for celebrating them from a Mormon perspective (and food to eat!). Anyway, here it is:

1-New Years Day
17-Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr

8-Shrove Tuesday
9-Ash Wednesday - Lent begins to March 19
14-St. Valentine's Day

8-International Woman’s Day
17-St. Patrick's Day
20-Palm Sunday
24-Maundy Thursday; Purim (Jewish)

25-Good Friday

2/3-General Conference

6-Restoration of the Church
22-Earth Day
23/24-Passover (Jewish)

5-Ascension of Christ
6-Jesus among the Nephites
8-Mother's Day
15-Pentecost; Restoration of the Priesthood
24-Buddha Day

13/14-Shavuot (Jewish)
19-Father's Day
24-Martyrdom of Joseph Smith

4-Independence Day
24-Pioneer Day

14-15-Tisha B'av (Jewish)

21-Moroni’s Visitation

1/2 General Conference

4/5-Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
13-Yom Kippur (Jewish)
18/19-Sukkot (Jewish)
31-All Hallows Eve

1-Diwali (Hindu)
3/4-Eid al Fitr - Ramadan ends (Islam)
11-Veterans Day
27-First Sunday of Advent

23-Joseph Smith Birthday
24-Christmas Eve
25-Christmas Day
25/Jan1- Hannukkah (Jewish)

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Blogger Guy Murray said ... (April 03, 2005 9:46 PM) 

Ronan, Just curious: Why MLK, Jr. B-day on 1/17, but no Ceasar Chavez B-day on 3/31?


Blogger john f. said ... (April 03, 2005 11:06 PM) 

He's obviously a racist against Hispanics. (This is tongue-in-cheek/sarcastic.)

Ronan, I think that you know that I personally would very much love to follow a liturgical calendar for the fun and solemnity of it (is that a contradiction?).

Anyway, yours looks great.


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