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General Conference: Examining the Aftermath

This is not your typical post-General Conference post. Why? Well, it isn't really about General Conference or the things said there. Instead, I found the reactions to it as displayed in the bloggernacle's various big sites interesting.

At Times and Seasons, the open thread bgan with an acknowledgement of the Pope's death and Pres. Hinckley's reaction, then shifted to goofy humor and reminiscences, the necessary mention of Hugh Nibley, much discussion (by Seth) of President Hinckley's talk, interesting experiences by danithew, and, of course, Clinto..., er, media bashing.

At By Common Consent, the open thread began with a cry for help, followed by compassion and understanding, then hair and other things gender, and, finally, who is responsible for what in p0rnography. Also, bullfrogs and femenism.

At the Millenial Star, the general conference open thread has generated less traffic than the priesthood session notes.

So, what have we learned? People are better behaved at T&S, even the T&S permabloggers prefer to gripe at BCC, and M* is a boys club. So, pretty much, nothing new. What think ye?

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Blogger Bryce said ... (April 04, 2005 12:20 PM) 

Well, part of my intent of posting my priesthood session notes was to let the bloggernacle women know what went on in greater detail than they might have otherwise. I know I'm usually not very good at telling my wife exactly what went on in the priesthood session.


Blogger HP said ... (April 04, 2005 12:30 PM) 

I know what you mean. I often find that after a good session I am referring to that talk by that guy that I liked. I will remember liking it, but not remember why. I usually don't really understand my conference experience until transcripts start getting posted. Therefore, I appreciated your notes as it helped me solidify what was said a little earlier than normal. Thanks for putting them up.


Anonymous Ronan said ... (April 04, 2005 4:14 PM) 

So who spent more time with the Bloggernacle than they did with General Conference?!

Your survey confirms what we've always known: T&S are the smart ones, BCC are the kick-prickers, and M* fans wouldn't dream of doing anything other than watching and meditating over conference during GC weekend.


Blogger Bill said ... (April 04, 2005 8:25 PM) 

Wouldn't that be "prick-kickers"?


Blogger Ronan said ... (April 04, 2005 11:07 PM) 

Ah, Bill, clearly you are not familiar with the metathesizing tendency of Worcestershire English. It's all prop and gooder.


Anonymous Steve (FSF) said ... (April 05, 2005 5:44 PM) 

I never even thought about prick kicking until reading these comments. I assume it’s an excommunicable sin, being an act of such extreme violence/hate. I assume it is nearly always perpetrated on the victim with violent malicious intent, although I’m sure there are some sicko masochists who would welcome it from a Dominatrix.


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