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Gay Mormons at advocate.com

Gay Mormons are the cover story of this week's Advocate, a popular gay magazine. The blurb: "Up Against the Mormon Church--one of the most powerful forces against gay equality confronts its most powerful adversaries: gay and lesbian Mormons."

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (March 31, 2005 1:43 PM) 

Not sure about this whole subject.. it has been particularly difficult for me to adress with the Aaronic Priesthood members. We have one young man with a mother that left his father for another woman. I have tried hard to teach the precepts of morality to this group, whithout singling out any one issue. In other words, to teach that ANY kind of sex, outside the bonds of marriage is not ok. That the lord will not look upon someone that has heterosexual sex any differently than someone involved in homosexual acts.

I try to teach that the one issue that she may have that is contrary to the churches teachings does nto make her whole person eveil, and that we should not judge her based on one of her lifes decisions, even though that particular one is pretty big.

So what happens if gay marriage is made legal? I guess I will ere on the side of the bretheren. But as to how to approach it further, as some others have made such and effort to define the person by this choice, and demonize otherwise wonderful people based on this homosexual trait (genetic or learned, I don't care,) I am unsure... We have some 20 year old guys that made the decision to give into their impulses and not go on missions, and instead break the laws of chastity with young women. These are welcomed with open arms as they come to church on holidays, or on rare occasions. However it seems to me (now from experience) that those that do the same, but with a homosexual slant, are pushed away with distain and disgust. HOW DO WE FIX THIS?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (March 31, 2005 5:41 PM) 

By the way.. I dislike the new way of posting comments it is a pain... and I can;t have my name...



Blogger Ronan said ... (March 31, 2005 7:14 PM) 

We "fix" it one member at a time. That is, if you treat Mormon homosexuals with kindness, then you may faciliate that in others, and so on...


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