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Church accounts

Church finances are famously mysterious. Time estimated that the Church brings in almost $6bn a year (mostly from tithing). The Church denies this figure, but has offered no alternative (Brother Dave has discussed this topic at length here). The Church has never been embroiled in a major financial scandal (in recent history) and most Church members are confident that their money is in safe hands: tithing - quite remarkably - seems to be something that many Mormons pay happily. Most really believe (often from personal experience) in a tangible opening of the "windows of heaven" to them because of their generosity.
A snapshot of Church accounts outside of Salt Lake City can be gleaned from the UK's Charity Commission website. By law, all charities in the UK must submit their accounts for public inspection. Recent LDS accounts are found here - they're not super-detailed, but a trained eye might be able to glean some interesting information. In brief, the British church spends a little less than it earns (around $60million 1GBP = $1.9) and is largely self sufficient (but is still in debt to SLC from a major loan a few years back). Fast offering accounts are listed separately - a surplus is reported. The Church also has a massive AgReserves farm in England (and is consequently a top-ten landowner in the UK), but the accounts are not available online. Is there no legal requirement in the US for a charity to publish its accounts? (Not that Mormons seem to be asking the Church to do so).

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