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The Church in Israel - Hope Amidst Uncertainty

Posted at Meridian Magazine, an article by Ronan about the LDS Church in Israel. The story is specifically about two members - Sahar, a Palestinian, and Joshua, an Israeli.

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Blogger john f. said ... (November 03, 2004 1:10 PM) 


Thanks for posting Ronan's article here. It is really a very well written--and newsworthy--piece. It was so refreshing to see this perspective and has brought me once again to reflect on the inheritence of Abraham and on his posterity.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (November 03, 2004 4:07 PM) 

Thanks John, I'm sure Ronan appreciates your comments. He had an amazing summer there I think. I hadn't read it before it was published in Meridian, but was impressed. I love the story about Saha, and how she turned her hate to love.


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